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In each of the topic areas you will find an overview of the topic, the general legal issues the topic presents, and the tools you will need to create your own solutions.

What Exactly Is Web Law 101?

Web Law 101 is A Membership Site: As a new member you will begin with the "Quick Start" module that includes every tool you will need to quickly address MOST compliance issues with our templates, audio tutorials, and proprietary policy generator.

Gain a Working Knowledge of Internet Law: Lessons 1-9 are considered our core training for gaining a working knowledge of internet law. Once these are completed you will most often find and fix potential problems yourself. Quite often maintaining compliance comes down to tweaking a few words, a statement, a product claim or a notice.The key is to develop your working knowledge, and use your new skills daily. Then hone your skills with the many specialized learning modules and mini-lessons.

Remain Compliant for Years to Come: We at Web Law 101 are dedicated to building and maintaining the premier Web Law Internet site. Maintaining compliance is as important as getting compliant. As changes to the law occur that affect our members, we will immediately provide updated material to the site and notify you. There will never be an extra charge for your updates!

Eliminate "Doorbell Anxiety" Forever: You know you suffer from Doorbell Anxiety when you get that sinking feeling every time the door bell rings. It's the same thing as running to the mailbox before your spouse because you are afraid they might see a threatening letter? These actions are symptoms of "Doorbell Anxiety". Web Law 101 hopes to cure your doorbell anxiety by providing you with the working knowledge you need to get legal, stay compliant, and regain your peace of mind.

Main Learning Modules

Quick Start -- For fast compliance.
Privacy Policy Overview – What you NEED to know what the law requires.
Terms of Service – Your contract with users.
Copyright & The DMCA Safe Harbor – The specific rules that will protect you.
Trademark & Domain Name Issues
FTC – General Rules
FTC – Specific Marketing Rules
FTC – FTC Useing testiomonials after Dec. 2009. Plus the Case Study Kit
The Can Spam Act of 2003 – Plus Do's and Don'ts of Email marketing.
Affiliate Marketing – The raw legal essentials every affiliate should know up front.
Defamation – The Law of Libel and Slander & the Section 230 Safe Harbor.
Audio Definitions – For every legal term we use.
Audio Mini Lessons – Several valuable real life lessons & strategies for protection.
Business Formation Issues - Choosing the right buiness enity.

But Wait, There's More... Three Huge Extra Bonuses!

FTC Compliant Testimonials & Case Study Kit - Learn how to legally use testimonials since the December 2009 FTC rule changes for bloggers and endorsers. These strategies not only put the power of testimonials back into your marketing, but are FTC compliant. The Case Study Kit comes with step-by-step instructions, examples, and templates. These strategies will boost credibility and improve conversions and profits immensely.This report alone is worth the full price of admission, hands down! You will LOVE it!

Do-It-Yourself LLC Start Up Kit -- In Business Formation Issues section, we detail the many options for forming your business entity. In the end we STRONGLY recommend forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for all of your business ventures. We have developed an easy step-by-step guide for creating an LLC yourself without needing to contact an attorney.

Privacy Policy Generator -- Just fill out the form and answer 5 yes or no questions and the generator creates a privacy policy in seconds that is appropriate for you. Unlimited usage with membership.

Let Me Sum It All Up!

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